Department of drug chemistry

The Department of chemistry was first headed by academician RAS, professor N. K. Kochetkov (1953 - 1960), then by professor A.P. Skoldinov (1960 - 1984), professor L.D. Smirnov (1984 - 1989), professor G.G. Rozantsev (1989 - 2000).

Tatyana A. Gudasheva

Ever since 2000 Dr. Sci., Professor Tatyana A. Gudasheva is the Head of Chemistry Department.

tel.: (495) 601-2373, 601-2246

Scope of Basic Department Research activities:

The chemical studies and search for potential medicines is performed among chemical substances of the following groups:

The researchers of the Department have supported 4 Doctor Sci. and 46 Ph.D. theses.

Recent publications:

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