Laboratory of Clinical Psychopharmacology

The Laboratory was founded in January 1993.

Grigory G. Neznamov

Professor Grigory G. Neznamov (birthdate 1945) heads the Lab.

tel.: (495) 601-2362

The Lab is located and operates on premises of 12th Moscow Psychiatric Hospital.

Main goals of Lab activity are as follows:

In parallel the Lab provides for:

Based on data obtained in the Lab 1 Doctor and 4 Ph.D. theses supported, 11 specialists trained within the clinical internship.

To achieve the above purposes the Lab performs the research in the following fields:

Recent publications:

  1. SA Siuniakov, SA Grishin, ES Teleshova, GG Neznamov, and SB Seredenin - Pilot clinical trial of ladasten. Eksp Klin Farmakol, Jul 2006; 69(4): 10-5. [in Russ].
  2. GM Molоdavkin, TA Voronina, GG Neznamov, OK Meletova, and NV Eliava - Participation of GABA--benzodiazepine receptor complex in the anxiolytic effect of piracetam. Eksp Klin Farmakol, May 2006; 69(3): 7-9. [in Russ].

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